Bricks of War

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Thanks Kooberz for the awesome video


What do Zombies, Robots and Aliens have in common? [Venn Diagram]

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via What do Zombies, Robots and Aliens have in common? [Venn Diagram].


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Here’s how FEZ looked like at PAX EAST, directly feeded to your eyeballs.

FEZ is a videogame in development by POLYTRON and co-published by TRAPDOOR, coming out on Xbox Live Arcade in 2011.

Design and art by PHIL FISH
Additional animation by ANNABELLE KENNEDY
Sound effects by BRANDON McCARTIN

This look very interesting, I’ll probably pick it up.

Section 8: Prejudice

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I hope this one get released as download only like the first one was supposed to be.

Anime Fall 2010 Line Up

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Looking like I’ll have some downtime this fall, not too much I want to watch.

Of course I’ll be watching:

Toaru Majutsu no Index II

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OVA

Motto To Love-Ru -Trouble-

Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls

and probably:

Queen’s Blade: Utsukushi Toushitachi OVA

Lolicon Hacks 150 Schoolgirl Webcams

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Police are hunting a hacker who hacked 150 schoolgirl webcams using a trojan.An electrical engineer, working with a group which holds lectures in German schools about the privacy dangers of the Internet, was approached by girls with a curious problem with their webcams – “Two girls told me that the indicator light on their webcams were always on.”Investigating the suspect computers, he soon discovered them to be infected with a trojan capable of controlling the computer’s webcam, apparently spread through using popular messaging software ICQ. The hacker was apparently able to email images back to himself at will.The attacks appeared to originate from the German town of Aachen.Police are currently investigating the case, saying that at least 150 girls were affected.

via Lolicon Hacks 150 Schoolgirl Webcams | Sankaku Complex.

Highschool of the Dead (Summer 2010)

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I’m really looking forward to this anime for the summer season.  Zombies … the best ones are fresh and moist 😉

also looking forward to this one, I like the anime style.