Doctor Who: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Daleks (The Peter Jones-y Edit)

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Since I’m a long time fan of both Doctor Who and Hitchhiker’s Guide, this is of interest to me, maybe not you.

kinda wanna watch the old doctor who now lol


8 Types of Gamers (or just some bitches I know) | Video Game Editorials, Video Game News, Video Game Articles, Columns, Reviews : DAMNLAG

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You know these gamers, just like I do (or people like them, at any rate).  I won’t lower myself to cover obvious gamer categories like the Troll, or the Spawn Camper, or the Team Killer.  Those are too easy, everyone can spot them.  These guys should seem familiar, because they’re all out there.  They also may or may not be based on people I actually know.

via 8 Types of Gamers (or just some bitches I know) | Video Game Editorials, Video Game News, Video Game Articles, Columns, Reviews : DAMNLAG.

I think my friends would all agree I’m probably Mister Apathy 😉  oh and I love the websites name.

Strange Game Choice, for me anyway.

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Record of Agarest WAr

Leonhardt, a young military officer, must sacrifice his life, his soul and his future to seal the pillars of the gods on each of Agarests five continents. Will his children-who suffer the same fate-find a world of light, or one of darkness, at the end of their long battle? Only the future will tell… In each of games five chapters, you will control a new hero and troops, to explore a new
continent over the course of their lives. Each chapter concludes with the hero choosing a wife and giving birth to the protagonist of the next generation. This title requires 9 GB of free space on your hard drive. Installation will also require an additional 9 GB of hard drive space, which will be freed after completion.

via Record of Agarest War | Games | Games & Media – Sony PlayStation®.com.

For some reason I’m stuck on this game now,  dunno how I don’t really like JRPGs much.  but something about it keeps my interest.  Heck the only reason I even noticed this game was because of all the DLC they keep churning out for it.

Maybe its the visual novel look or the dating sim elements I dunno,  but don’t worry I still can’t play it for more then an hour so it hasn’t converted me 🙂  sorry Dre

But its probably the girls 🙂 lol

Patch Alert: MAG v1.06 Coming in June

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Slated for sometime next month, MAG v1.06 will add a number of requested new features to the game that should please fans regardless of their play style. Not only have we made it much harder to accidentally kill fellow teammates, for example, we’ve also expanded the Medical Kit’s functionality to give users total control over who they heal (allies or themselves), while updating the experience system that surrounds it. Other new goodies include improved vehicle handling and physics, new gun ports for APCs, weapon efficiency adjustments, credit cost changes, and updated medal and ribbon requirements.

via Patch Alert: MAG v1.06 Coming in June.

Hit the jump for the details, only the credit cost changes bother me really cause I like my load outs and I’m going to have to change them now … but I guess that’s the point. . . and I was hoping for some new maps but they say this will span multiple updates per this forum post on Mag’s Official Forums.

5 most sexy, satisfying ejections in gaming

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The eject button is an integral part of most game consoles. Without the eject button we wouldn’t be able to get games back out of the machine again. So it’s pretty important. Whenever I acquire a new console, I don’t check the specs to see how many multi-flexing quadrapongs of processing power are buried inside. That’s stuff I don’t understand. And as long as the games are good, I don’t really care. What I do care about is the eject button and the action of ejection.

In celebration of this often neglected console operation, here are the 5 console ejections that have satisfied me the most over the years.

via 5 most sexy, satisfying ejections in gaming | GamesRadar.

No new eject can compare to those old carts, but the ps3 is probably the best disc based one 🙂

Eroge Technology Advances – Grope & Strip Girls Virtually

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Teatime’s new eroge title “Mousousei Kasou Jinkaku Shougai” includes hand tracking technology to allow players to virtually cop a feel or strip a girl of her clothing. Gameplay videos can be scrutinised below.

via Eroge Technology Advances – Grope & Strip Girls Virtually | Sankaku Complex.

Technology at its finest. nuff said.

Slave Leia Splashdown – The Best Car Wash of All Time

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Last week, to support the Make-A-Wish foundation, a fleet of Slave Leias from the 501st Legion washed cars in Los Angeles, CA, under the careful supervision of Lord Vader and a few of his stormtroopers. Needless to say, for male geeks, this is probably the most awesome car wash of all time. Sorry girls, no half-dressed Jedi washing cars for you today.Geeks are Sexy

Vodpod videos no longer available.